Getting off the ApEx island: Database links

Much of the beauty of ApEx is its ability to take non-Oracle data and create secure applications based on that newly secured data. However, for as good the training/tutorial material is (including 'The Book'), no mention was ever made on how to link to Oracle databases not located within the ApEx world, leaving me to worry that ApEx (and more importantly, its data) was on an island.

This, thanks to Laurianne, was solved with only a little digging. You can link to other oracle databases by creating a database link. To do so:

From the Home page

  1. Click the SQL Workshop icon
  2. Click the Object Browser icon
  3. Click the Create button
  4. Choose database link
  5. Give it a name, schema, password,hostname.IP,port, and SID
  6. Click the create button

It can then be accessible to you in your everyday SQL commands by appending '@linkname' to the tables you are selecting from

For example, if you created a database link in ApEx called personLink, and it linked to your oracle table (or view) called 'personnel' table you could incorporate it into ApEx by typing

select * from personnel@personLink
where ...

...and ApEx just got a whole lot better fo me!

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