Google Talk emoticons (stand alone application)

As has been prevoiusly noted, our colleagues have become increasingly reliant on Google Talk as a means of not only direct communication, but also indirect communication.

However, one thing that is also fun is playing with the emoticons Google Talk provides. Apparently, the talk feature with the GMail browser interface has a large set, but the stand-alone application (even the newest version) only appears to support a subset of these emoticons.

Whenever I or a friend of mine notice a new emoticon, it often spawns a flurry of emoticon attemps -- some of which work, and some that do not. Here's what I have discovered. Any combination of one item from each of the three columns should yield a highlightable face. (so far 36 combinations)

Acceptable components
eyes noses mouths
: (none) )
; - (
B |
O (Shift-O)

I expect that I have missed some and that subsequent upgrades that will bring more -- especially since the other GTalk version has more, so please add real (and appropriate) ones, and I will update the table. Also, none of the symbols translate.

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2 thoughts on “Google Talk emoticons (stand alone application)

  1. in the noses tab, you can use '

    You can't use both ' and - together, but you can use ' instead of -.

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