WebCT CE 6 Service Pack Upgrades!!! Items to consider

A quick warning for anyone who is currently using the Luminis Message Broker as a conduit for getting your Banner SIS data into your CE6 instance...jot down your LMB info as you will not have it after your Service Pack (both 2 and 3) upgrades.

The settings are found on (log in as your institutional administrator):
Administration Tab
Utilities Sub-Tab
Settings Link
SCT Integration - Luminis Message Broker Link

The fields that will clear

  • LMB Server Name
  • LMB user name
  • LMB password

Likely you have these fields memorized, but you should look at them after your service pack upgrades to ensure they are set accurately and that you are still connected.

8/9/06 SP3 upgrade also changed/reset perm's on siapi.sh, a powerful command used oftentimes by more than root (which is who likely owns it in your instance). If you were used to having non-root access to the siapi.sh command, then someone with root access will need to set it back.

Also, if you are intregrated via the Luminis Message Broker (LMB), then likely your GlcId and username/password fields were cleared or altered at the serveradmin level.

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