Deep-dish Chicago-style pizza in New Hampshire?

Quality ZaNot quite, but a while back the Food Network program Unwrapped featured regional foods that could be shipped to just about anywhere. One of these such locations was Chicago, and they featured deep-dish pizzas from Lou Malnati's Pizzeria (Availble at

Being from Chicago myself, I know Lou Malnati's pizza and have eaten in a couple of the restaurants.

Aside: I am actually from the suburb of Elgin, but when you live as far away as New Hamspshire as I do, it is easier to stretch the truth, but a helpful hint -- do not tell a real Chicago native that you are from Chicago when you are really from the 'burbs!

The fact that Lou Malnati's classic Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas can be purchased and delivered anywhere in the United States, and I live 900+ miles from the Windy City, only made my experience with this program inevitable. And God bless my Mom, who finally made it happen!

I write this for my few friends up here in the Northeast who have never had the pleasure of tasting the true Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. You can not let your life slip by without doing this at least once!

Of course by now you know that I whole-heartedly enjoyed this pizza. However, I will temper this with two facts. 1) If you live in Chicago, go to the restaurants (Gino's, Lou's, whatever) -- it will be better than these. 2) It's pricey. 2 pizzas go for about $50; 4 for $70, and yoou will likely only feed 2-3 people per pizza.

But when you are as far away as I am, it is definitely a special treat. There are two things that make the Chicago-style deep-dish pizza unique -- the massive, crispy, buttery crust, and the upside-down-tomatoes-over-the-cheese arrangement. These pizzas certainly deliver on both counts -- with instructions that are very straight-forward. The sausage are better than the cheese, and these are the two options you have.

I should mention that this service also ships Carson's ribs and Eli's Cheesecake, among others, but the pizza is the prize.