Don't call me WebCT!

I received an email (as did all WebCT administrators and support personnel) from Michael Chasen, the CEO of Blackboard.

It now appears that WebCT has a much shorter lifespan than one might have originally thought -- at least as a name.

In the next release, you will see new names for the WebCT products. As part of our commitment to fostering a greater shared community of practice, Campus Edition and Vista will become part of the Blackboard Academic Suite line-up. The new product names will be:

The Blackboard Learning SystemTM - Vista Enterprise License
The Blackboard Learning SystemTM - CE Enterprise Ltd License (formerly the Institution License)
The Blackboard Learning SystemTM - CE Basic License (formerly the Focus License)

They show that these name changes will come effective with future Application Pack upgrades...this would mean we will be running Blackboard Campus Edition 6 or BbCE6.

...stay tuned...

2 thoughts on “Don't call me WebCT!

  1. Interesting. Makes sense. The BbCE6 might be an interesting chord progression. Maybe I might see if I can work out a riff and sell it back to them for the cost of the annual license fee :-)

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