Welcome to ApEx, rookie!

ApEx is short for Oracle Application Express . It originally cut its teeth as HTML-DB (note the current logo still possesses the old monicker) -- and it is up to me to learn it. ApEx logo?

So what you [hopefully] will witness over the coming weeks and months is an account of my experiences -- both good and bad (hopefully more of the former).

So why is that so special?
Because I really have no DBA experience, and do not have much more than a basic understanding of databases, SQL, and DB philosophy. Since we implemented WebCT Campus Edition (CE) 6, I have been able to do some tinkering on the database to get a feel for how they work.

So why me?
If that ain't the $64,000 question...
Seriously, I am not wihtout my abilities, and though we have two very talented Oracle trained DBAs, if we as an MIS team put anything more on their shoulders, their respective floors would collapse and, well, at least their A/C problems would be solved.

I have a knack for learning quickly and I have a great team to help me when I get stuck. (You've been warned!!!)

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So why are you writing?
While ApEx is truly designed to help you create secure web-based databases without knowing too much about the databases themselves, I imagine many who have mastered it have that knowledge. The documentation on Oracle's web site is great and I know will help, but I will likely still have very basic questions that others may clearly have the answers for. Perhaps the next yokel who comes around starting from scratch will be able to learn a little from my work.

Look out for future posts!