The Hawaiian Punch Board Game

Among the many weekends that I found myself playing with the toys and games in my grandma's house, one of my (and my brother's) favorites was a game called "The Hawaiian Punch" board Game. While this game lacks the cache of more traditional board games, I can assure you that to a nine-year old, this game rocked. I recently found one in a collectibles shop in West-Leb.

Hawaiian Punch Board Game
Sweet Box Art!

The game is a classic (© 1978), and would easily rank in a top five of my favorite childhood board games. (Off hand, and in no particular order, Careers, Life, Mad Magazine, and Outburst also come to mind.)

To play, you need a gamepiece. Enter the first great nuance...your gamepiece is a pineapple molded from clay! (The mold itself is shaped like a can of HP). The movement of the game is straight-forward...spin the wheel and move accordingly...that is, until you land on a space with a color that matches your opponent.
Hawaiian Punch Board Game Pieces
Gamepiece, Mold, and 'Punchy'

Enter the second great nuance...the payback. In Monopoly, when you land on someone else's space, you pay with your money. In HP, you pay with your clay. Every player has a masher shaped like Punchy, the HP mascot. Said opponent gets one free whack at your poor clay pineapple to smash it into as flat and nasty a piece as possible. Pure violence. The catch? You get one shot. Miss, and too bad -- wait till next time. Interestingly enough, that's the only penalty until we reach the third great nuance...size check.

There are spaces scattered on the board called size check. No matter how flat and nasty your gamepiece is, you can use it unless you land on one of these spaces. If your squahed remnants of a pineapple fail to fit wholly within the space, you have to reform and lose a good number of spaces.

Reach the end and win, but this game is not about winning, its about the journey...

Hawaiian Punch Board Game Size Check
'experienced' gamepiece &
Size Check

On one final note, I completely forgot how awesome the box and board art was with this game. Just look at the style used in this large board section.

...old school fun. Thanks, Grandma.

Hawaiian Punch Board Game Art

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2 thoughts on “The Hawaiian Punch Board Game

  1. Is there anyway to get this game? My wife remembers playing it as a little girl.

  2. In my life I have only seen two -- the one I played as a kid, and the one pictured above.

    I used to frequent flea markets when I lived closer to Chicago, and that was usually the best source for old board games.

    A quick search of eBay and other sites do not yield any candidates. In reality, the one I have is actually missing one 'Punchy', but I still grabbed it anyway.

    Good Luck!

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