WebCT: The 6 day work week

Since our WebCT upgrade to Campus Edition 6, I have been looking for ways to learn more about our campus' usage of the software. Without even diving into the deep end, I have found something quite interesting when observing one of the simplest statistics -- session activity.

Using the new WebCT CE6 feature -- Who's Online -- the administrator can get the number of how many users in the institution are logged into WebCT at any given time. Upon tracking this number, I have come to a couple of conclusions.

  • WebCT works 6 days a week (Sunday - Friday)
  • Sundays are at just just as important as Fridays
To look at the first point, take a look at this first picture. It shows quite easily that the activity during an average Sunday is significant, and comparable to the other weekdays, though still a little lighter than Monday through Thursday. April 06 Session Counts
Click image for better view

But notice how Sundays and Fridays looked in April. The following graphs show the daily activity for each of the Sundays and Fridays in April 2006. The left ends of the graphs represent 12:00AM, and the right ends represent 11:59PM, as each line denotes one day's activity from beginning to end.

April 06 Fridays April 06 Sundays
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Note how Fridays get off to a quick start, but by mid-afternoon, session activity falls off much faster than on other weekdays. By comparison, Sundays get off to a slower start, but by 9:00 PM, WebCT is about as active as any other time of the week -- and just as active (if not more) as any Friday.

Does this mean that Sundays are more important than Fridays? I think you can make a strong case. At the very least it's similar. More may be made of this, but for now, let this serve as 'food for thought' as we begin to investigate the possibility of expanding our WebCT support into the library as part of our new learning commons. Sundays should not be ignored!