Dan-a-thon: Disclaimer

Disclaimer within Disclaimer: This probably contains so many inside joke/references, it’d take a park map to get out…and only a few of you have that…


BEFORE-YOU-READ other postings about this thing called ‘Dan-a-thon’ I (Dan) must make the following disclaimer.

A Dan-a-thon, regardless of how it is defined or interpreted, is:

Really Fun
A Necessary Good
A Group Effort
[and yes,] Strategic

It is not:



One wise crack and the picture gets bigger

I’d like to return to the point of strategy, as this is what this all boils down to. Discussion with colleagues independent of this topic was had about Game theory, and to many, game theory is all about trying to understand how you and your partners can work together to ensure that everyone succeeds. This, in some ways is the strategy that the Dan-a-thon apparently employs. Maximize the fun by leveraging previous knowledge to meet the group’s goals. It speaks to a larger over-arching philosophy that I abide by but have never spent too much time thinking about…I guess that’s just me.

That is all.

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