The Tick is Back

The TickGiven enough time, I would probably -- at one point or another -- make a claim that any given cartoon I have seen in my life was a great cartoon. I just happen to have a very large soft-spot for cartoons. However, one of the truly great cartoons of the 90s has made somewhat of a comeback.

That's right, the Tick.

For those who say, 'what?" Stop reading now! There is no point for you to read on. I have neither the time nor the patience to attempt to explain to you why this show was just so damn funny. It had a very short run on Fox Saturday (and at times I think Sunday) mornings, and then spent some time on Comedy Central -- in the days before the network had as much original programming as they do now.

That said, the Toon Disney Network has apparently lauched a more 'big-kids' segment of their daily programming called JETIX. It runs only in the evening, and plays a lot of power rangers and what-not that I could care less about. But at 10:30PM ET, the Tick, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, Sewer Urchin, American Maid, et al., are back in my living room, defending The City from evil...SPOON!

Life is good.

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...something profound...

Somedays I like to think I have something profound to say, but today I don't.

Actually, I am reminded of an obscure appearance that professional basketball player Scott Hastings made on (I think) The Tonight Show. Scott, who was a perennial 12th man in the NBA during the 80s and 90s (there are only 12 players on an NBA team, and usually, no one past #8 or 9 sees any time on the floor -- even if your team is up by 20 with a minute to play) made the following statement.

"Sure, I've heard Scott Hastings and Michael Jordan mentioned in the same sentence...'Scott Hastings, he's no Michael Jordan.'"

Suffice it to say , I felt like writing, and here I am...with nothing profound to say.

Or am I?


Dan-a-thon: Disclaimer

Disclaimer within Disclaimer: This probably contains so many inside joke/references, it’d take a park map to get out…and only a few of you have that…


BEFORE-YOU-READ other postings about this thing called ‘Dan-a-thon’ I (Dan) must make the following disclaimer.

A Dan-a-thon, regardless of how it is defined or interpreted, is:

Really Fun
A Necessary Good
A Group Effort
[and yes,] Strategic

It is not:



One wise crack and the picture gets bigger

I’d like to return to the point of strategy, as this is what this all boils down to. Discussion with colleagues independent of this topic was had about Game theory, and to many, game theory is all about trying to understand how you and your partners can work together to ensure that everyone succeeds. This, in some ways is the strategy that the Dan-a-thon apparently employs. Maximize the fun by leveraging previous knowledge to meet the group’s goals. It speaks to a larger over-arching philosophy that I abide by but have never spent too much time thinking about…I guess that’s just me.

That is all.

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