This is updated information based on a recent Intcomp 7.1 upgrade.

It is these types of 'nuggets' that constitute the primary reason I decided to try this whole thing out. We are most likely one of the few institutions that are using WebCT Campus Edition (CE) 6.0 integrated with our Banner (version 7) Student Information System via LDI for eLearning.

When you are integrated, you can very quickly build a semester's worth of courses, sections, students, instructors, enrollments, and more into your WebCT instance by using the ICGORLDI table in Banner. ICGORLDI then compiles this data into an XML file that can be imported directly into WebCT -- bypassing the Luminis Message Broken (LMB) and getting you ready much more quickly for live integration.

Unfortuately, there is no documentation (and when we performed this task in November 2005, was claimed as unsupported) to find correct parameters needed to allow ICGORLDI to create a WebCT CE 6.x-friendly XML file (Hint: The settigns are not the same as they were for CE 4.x). We began under the simple assumption that the settings would most likely mimic those from Vista 3.x. After some testing and tweaking, the following shows what we currently use. (Blank cells indicate parameter was left blank.)

01 Application Code  
02 Selection ID  
03 Creator ID  
04 User ID  
05 Term Use appropriate 6-digit Term code
06 Extract Colleges Y
07 Extract Departments Y
08 Extract Courses Y (A leaves out experimental and some first-time offerings)
09 Extract Sections Y
10 Extract Cross Lists N (your preference)
11 Extract Persons with Login ID only Y
12 Extract Persons FACULTY*
12 Extract Persons STUDENT_ACTIVE*
12 Extract Persons EMPLOYEE* (3 'Persons' records used here to avoid importing thousands of ALUMNI accounts)
13 Extract Faculty Assignments Y
14 Extract Faculty Departments Y
15 Extract Student Enrollments Y
16 Partner Code  
17 Extract Deletable Enrollments N

*With Intcomp 7.1, roles may be handled differently. Our campus uses custom roles, so you can refer to the GORRSQL table or your administrator to find out what these new roles might be (they are case-sensitive). Proir to Intcmop 7.1, the roles were FAC, EMP, STU, and ALU)...oh, and don't type the *'s!

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    This is like the missing manual and it helped me make the two work. Thanks for posting this.

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