"Who am I? Why am I here?"

Mr. Stockdale, you told it like it was.After standing on the water's edge for a long time, I am going out for a swim. My name is Dan, and I am the WebCT Administrator for Plymouth State University, a small campus tucked nicely into central New Hampshire.

I have actually only been working with WebCT for about a year-and-a-half...before this, my life was about weather. Before boarding the WebCT train, I worked at the Universtiy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Among my more visible projects was being a developer on the Weather World 2010 project -- an educational reference for atmospheric science information.

But now I am here, and I see that WebCT (and other LMS's) are an interesting confluence of education and technology. To be an effective administrator, you need to know more than how to keep everything up and running and the various click-paths neccesary to complete tasks --you must also have the ability to relate with your faculty. In the end, they are the users of the tool, and first and foremost, they need to be able to teach their classes. If they can leverage WebCT to their advantage, great! That's where we can enter the picture and help them. Not just with click-paths, but with real ideas! I have heard from many that 'instructors don't want to hear IT-professionals' think' on how best to use WebCT, but I couldn't disagree more! I will not profess my personal opinions to an instructor, but almost everytime I am helping someone, they ask me "What would you do?"

I feel that this relationship between myself and our campus' faculty has taken time, but it is the absolute key to my interpretation of success in this job.

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